Game Audio Specialist

Yannis is a San Francisco Bay Area based video game audio specialist. He is best known for his knowledge of hand-held audio and distinctive audio on titles such as RIFT MMORPG + Expansion Packs, TROVE a voxel MMO builder, ANKI DRIVE, DRAGONBALL Z – Legacy Of Goku II (gba) & BUU’s FURY (gba), SOUTH PARK RALLY, MAZEFINGER, DROPSHIP, STAR DEFENSE, DR AWESOME, WORD FU, TOPPLE 1 & 2 (iphone), DEATH JR 2 – Root Of Evil (psp & wii), RESTAURANT CITY, PET SOCIETY and PIRATES AHOY (facebook).

Having a natural musical talent and a strong ear, Yannis started his journey into audio from early childhood and later became a respected composer in the Amiga & PC Demo Scene before turning his talents towards the video game industry in 1999.

Formally trained in Computer Science and Audio Engineering, Yannis utilizes multiple skills in sound design, composition, audio engineering, technical sound design & audio implementation to aid game developers in acheiving their audio goals.

With his technical skills, Yannis has wide knowledge across multiple middleware packages including WWise, FMOD and Fabric for Unity.

He has helped shaped the sonic identity of companies such as Trionworlds, Anki, NGMoco, PlayFish, and Astraware amongst others.

“I worked with Yannis on a recent PS2 title, and his ideas for implementing audio into the game were brilliant. He’s always striving for the best possible options, and he would be a great asset to any company seeking audio expertise…I hope to work with him again soon.”


Rod Abernethy – Composer / Producer

“Having worked with Yannis on over 5 games he continually surprises with lightning fast turnarounds and excellent product. Even with loose specs Yannis can turn your 1 paragraph briefs into musical works of art.”


Kim Daniel Arthur – vice president of global studios for Playfish

“Halfbrick Studios have worked with Yannis on multiple projects and have found him to be an outstanding composer and sound designer. His ability to extrapolate our sound requirements into audio masterpieces is second to none and I highly recommend him for any music or sound work that you plan to outsource.”


Shaniel Deo – CEO at Halfbrick Studios

“Yannis is a genius when it comes to audio, sound design, music etc and such a nice person to boot. A more capable person is hard to find and I’d certainly recommend Yannis for any position he’s ever interested in. Definitely able to multi task as well”


Lani MinellaCEO, AudioGodz Inc -Voice Acting, Directing, Voice over Casting, Writing and More

“Yannis was one of the most talented and easy to work with people I’ve had the chance to meet at F9E. His talents, ability to think in abstract terms and see behind the obvious issues make him a necessary link in the chain of a successful production. I still work with Yannis even though we are no longer in the same company. He is #1 on my list of Sound Designers.”


Viktor Kalvachev – Art Director Backbone Entertainment